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In view of the atypical situation that Brazil and the world are experiencing, with the increase in cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and aiming to guarantee safety and preserve the health and well-being of all, the 26th Edition of Minas Trend, which would take place between April 21 and 24, was suspended. . The decision was based on care for human health and the commitment established with society to promote the sustainable development of Minas Gerais and Brazil.
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Trends arrive first at Minas Trend. The event has consolidated itself as the main platform in Brazil for generating business in the sector.
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Gastronomy, culture and entertainment for all tastes. Take the opportunity to see the best of what Belo Horizonte has to offer during Minas Trend and surprise yourself with the capital of the Minas Gerais.
"The fashion of Minas Gerais has its own place in the fashion sector and a unique identity. It is a fashion that primarily stands out for three trends: accessories, which have a very strong influence; party wear and handmade fashion. So, when you add these three trends together, you have a complete winter or summer collection". Glória Kalil, fashion consultant.
"I'm very proud of Minas Trend, not only because I'm from Minas Gerais, but I've followed the event closely for a long time and seen a very big evolution. Not only will there be fashion shows, but also an incredible fair that is extremely comfortable and well organised, which is like being in a shopping centre. Every year, Minas Trend takes a bigger step towards becoming the country's most import event". Cris Guerra, Publicist and fashion columnist.
"I think Minas Trend has become the vanguard for fashion history by meeting a market need, which unites all parts of the chain: creation, production, sale and distribution. One of the things I most admire about Minas is the artisanal, handmade work. This explains why the party wear produced stands out so much. It is very carefully produced, and has a handmade and "almost tailor made" quality, which is so important". Lillian Pacce, GNT Fashion presenter.
"Minas Trend is very important for Codemig, because it has the opportunity to participate in the event and valorise the work of more than 150 thousand people involved in the clothing industry. It's a privilege for us to partner with FIEMG and have this unequalled reach here in the state of Minas Gerais. It is one of the few events where we see people from overseas come to Belo Horizonte to shop and spend money in Minas". Marco Antônio Castelo Branco, Codemig President.
"I was surprised with the amount of exhibiting brands, the level of artisanal work and creativity. I've been to the majority of fashion weeks around the world as a buyer and this event is on the same level as the events in Paris, Milan and New York, whilst having that Brazilian touch, which is something attractive and sensual for other countries and places." Samira Ouaha, consultant and Arabian buyer.
"I believe that this is an event that generates great visibility, in both the national and international markets, and is the reason for which APEX gives its full support to the event". Rogério Bellini, APEX Brasil business manager.
"The fashion of Minas Gerais is today a benchmark in the country. The quality of the product is exquisite. Well done Minas Gerais! I feel completely integrated in this environment and say the following: 'Come! Whoever doesn't come is missing out! This is the biggest success in Brazil!'" Martha Paiva, buyer.
"Minas Trend is like a thermometer: I know what pieces of the collection will be well received, and therefore what to focus on." Patrícia Laguardia, Exhibitor, Madre Pérola.
"Minas Trend has enabled a brand like mine to be known all around Brazil." Rogério Lima, bag designer.


Minas Trend has consolidated itself as one of the most important events on the fashion calendar in Brazil. It welcomes buyers and exhibitors from around the world and taste makers that enrich the event. Take a look at some of the testimonials of previous Minas Trend participants.